What I Learned About Judgment When My Toddler Wouldn’t Sleep

(I first wrote this weeks ago in early December, but never got around to posting it.  Over the holidays Junia slept great.  Today, the first day my wife is back at school, Junia refused to nap.  That is somewhat ironic timing as I post this.) For most of her young life, Junia has been a […]

How My Daughter’s Fall On Her Head Made Me Think About the Gun Debate

On Sunday Junia was playing in the yard.  Emily was right there with her, keeping an eye on her, playing with her.  Nevertheless, Junia tripped when she was running and fell onto a rock.  She had to go to the emergency room to get the large cut on her head (any cut on your two […]

Getting Crafty and then Reading about Baby Brains (i.e., some parenting books)

I am not artistic.  The thought of drawing and painting almost makes me cringe.  Actually, as I wrote those words I thought back to “drawing and painting” class in junior high and…pardon me while I sob in the corner for five minutes. Okay, I’m back. Anyway, I am not a very artistic person.  But thanks […]

Culture of Pornography, Sexting and Trafficking (Recent Reads)

There are many times when being a parent terrifies me.  One example is when I think about the sort of world my daughter is going to grow up in.  Articles like this one make me sick, scared and angry: Children and the Culture of Pornography: “Boys will ask you everyday until you say yes.”   […]

Christian Bookstore – You’ve Gotta Do Better!

This past Friday I visited the local Christian bookstore.  I rarely go there, not because I have anything against Christian bookstores, but because I rarely go to any bookstore.  When I do go to a bookstore, my first stop is a used-bookstore.  But on this particular day, I was looking for something I knew the […]

Books, Parenting, Vaccines and Some Politics (Recent Reads)

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? Do you start a book, read it straight through, then move on to another?  Do you just have books around because you like how they look, but you don’t really read them?  Do you only read at bed-time?    Do you hate to read?  This fun article helps […]

Porn is Everywhere and it is a Gateway Drug

I absolutely cherish my 15 month old daughter Junia.  She has become my obsession.  As I play with her during the day or pray with her before bedtime I often find myself imagining what kind of person she will be when she is older. Maybe she’ll be a teacher.  Or perhaps she’ll want to be […]