#30 – Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw (My 100 Favorite Books)

If you want to start a fight, talk about religion.  Or politics.  OR BOTH! For much of my adult life, I’ve wrestled with what it looks like to apply my faith to public life.  This especially becomes a question during election season, when some Christians speak as if the entire fate of the world rests […]

Of Gods and Kings (Psalm 21, Weekly Word)

Read Psalm 21` This is a Psalm from King David, celebrating the strength of God and all God has done for him.  When I read this in light of Jesus, I admit I have trouble with it.  I mean, every successful king, or political leader, throughout history has credited some god or God for his […]

Politics, Parties, Means and Ends: A Political Post Inspired by CS Lewis (yes, politics, but its okay)

I am slowly working through God in the Dock, a collection of some of CS Lewis’ essays, and a few days ago read the essay “Meditation on the Third Commandment.”  In this essay, Lewis discusses the desirability of a Christian political party.  I’m not sure if this was something people wanted in mid-century Britain, but […]

Follow University Rules and Things Go Fine

Dealing with university rules can be a pain at times.  Whether you want to have food for an event, bring in a guest speaker, pass out information on your group or just about anything else on campus, there is loads of red tape. Hoops to jump through. Forms to sign and date. It can be […]

How My Daughter’s Fall On Her Head Made Me Think About the Gun Debate

On Sunday Junia was playing in the yard.  Emily was right there with her, keeping an eye on her, playing with her.  Nevertheless, Junia tripped when she was running and fell onto a rock.  She had to go to the emergency room to get the large cut on her head (any cut on your two […]

Kings, Presidents and God (On Campus at PSU Berks)

Last night on campus we talked about God and government, politics and presidential elections. This semester at CSF our theme for Bible study is the story of scripture.  My hope is that the students will understand the grand, over-arching narrative of the Bible.  Back in early September we began with creation and fall.  Then we […]

Books, Parenting, Vaccines and Some Politics (Recent Reads)

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? Do you start a book, read it straight through, then move on to another?  Do you just have books around because you like how they look, but you don’t really read them?  Do you only read at bed-time?    Do you hate to read?  This fun article helps […]

Guns: Inconsistent Logic and False Dichotomies

I wrote this post last week, prior to yesterday’s shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.  Such violence tears my heart and my prayers are with the families of all the victims of this tragedy, and the other all-to-common tragedies in our world. Before you read this post, check out Nicholas Kristof’s great article: Safe […]

Does Jesus Care Who You Vote For in November?

Now that Mitt Romney has secured, more or less, the Republican nomination for president we can begin to look ahead to the general election.  Obama vs Romney! As with previous elections, we will see prominent evangelical Christian pastors and leaders giving out endorsements.  Personally, I am increasingly skeptical of Christian leaders endorsing candidates.  What’s the […]