Explaining College Ministry to a Four Year Old

“Daddy, why are you giving bags to the students?” We were driving home from campus earlier tonight when Junia asked me this question.  Last Friday we had gone to a church to help put items into care packages for the PSU Berks students.  Junia excelled at this, marching through the assembly line and filling eachContinue reading “Explaining College Ministry to a Four Year Old”

Free Hot Chocolate, Candy Canes and Prayers

“Oh, and we’ll also offer to pray for people.  We’re Christians, its what we do.” I don’t recall if those were the exact words Andrew, president of CSF, and I wrote in the event registration form, but they were close.  For the last couple years CSF has done a sort of “Christmas outreach” during theContinue reading “Free Hot Chocolate, Candy Canes and Prayers”

Getting Off on the Right Foot…And Then the Next Step

Junia absolutely loves walking Skippy around the neighborhood.  Obviously she cannot hold his leash on her own as he would easily pull her over…and probably keep going.  The solution was to attach one leash to Skippy and attach a second leash to that leash.  So Junia holds the second leash while I, holding the firstContinue reading “Getting Off on the Right Foot…And Then the Next Step”

On Campus At PSU Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus (Again)

CSF tries to find ways to practically serve the campus on a regular basis.  Finding things to do is not as easy as one might think.  I think there are a few reasons for this: 1. Campus runs like a well-oiled machine – it is not like there are huge fields of uncut grass orContinue reading “On Campus At PSU Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus (Again)”