Why Does God Favor Certain People? (Weekly Word)

This summer I am going to dedicate each Friday to questions that students have asked me about God, faith and such.  Some of these questions come were forwarded to me from Christian students or their skeptical friends.  Others are questions that I have been asked in some way, shape or form many times.  I do […]

Spiritual and Religious Discussion Night (Q and A!)

Last night at CSF we had a discussion night.  Or a question and answer night.  Honestly, we call it a lot of things.  It is something we do 1-2 times each semester.  We go off of our usual format and simply talk about whatever questions and topics students want to talk about.  Students each get […]

Walking with the Saints: Asking Uncomfortable Questions

I am a people-pleaser.  I like to make people happy.  I want people to like me. This is not always a bad thing.  But it is a bad thing when tough words are called for. John Wesley writes in his journal of the following exchange with a Mr. Oglethorpe.  This conversation occurred early in Wesley’s […]

Christian Bookstore – You’ve Gotta Do Better!

This past Friday I visited the local Christian bookstore.  I rarely go there, not because I have anything against Christian bookstores, but because I rarely go to any bookstore.  When I do go to a bookstore, my first stop is a used-bookstore.  But on this particular day, I was looking for something I knew the […]

Listening to People…Not Making them Objects

I recall various times throughout my life when I found myself a part of a circle of Christians having a discussion about some other person or group of people.  This discussion centered on the question: “can this group/person be a sincere or real Christian?” I read a book recently where a sentence stated, “can a […]

An Evening Filled with Questions about God

Last evening on campus CSF had a “Spiritual Discussion Forum.”  It is a place where students can come and present questions about anything related to faith, religion, Christianity and Jesus.  We had about 15 students attend, all of whom would identify as Christians of one variety or another: Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, etc. My hope would […]