Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad Cross the Road (A Review)

Growing up in a Christian home I eventually, like most kids, began to question the faith I had been taught.  Some stories of questioning begin with taking a biology class and learning about evolution.  This was never a problem for me.  I always figured that the truth of falsity of evolution had little to doContinue reading “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad Cross the Road (A Review)”

Recent Reads

Facebook killed the church? People in previous generations may have complained about the church, but they still went if nothing else to stay connected to people.  Now? “Millennials are in a different social situation. They don’t need physical locations for social affiliation. They can make dinner plans via text, cell phone call or Facebook. InContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Tibetan Monks visit PSU Berks!

The last few days Penn State Berks has been host to the “Mandala Sand Painting Exhibition” by Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery.  I did not see a write up about it on the PSU Berks site, but you can check out the monks’ site here.  I heard a lot of students saying howContinue reading “Tibetan Monks visit PSU Berks!”

Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry

Summing up their research in 2010, the Barna group finds six “megathemes”.  I will list each one below with a few thoughts from my perspective as a campus minister on a secular university campus. 1.  The Christian Church is Becoming Less Theologically Literate What used to be basic, universally-known truths about Christianity are now unknownContinue reading “Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry”

Recent Reads

Here are a few recent online articles that I found thought-provoking, interesting and fun:   Today in the New York Times Ross Douthat talks about how the “culture war” is changing. Interestingly, as it pertains to campus ministry, this change has partly come about as evangelical Christians have become better educated over the last decadesContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Souls in Transition – Does Religion Make a Difference?

Does religion matter when it comes to how emerging adults live? Does your religion make a difference in your everyday choices? This is the theme of the ninth chapter of Souls in Transition. In previous chapters emerging adults had been divided into religious groups: conservative Protestant, mainline Protestant, black Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, other religionContinue reading “Souls in Transition – Does Religion Make a Difference?”