Hope Beyond the Grave (Psalm 30, Weekly Word)

Christians sometimes speak of the various prophecies fulfilled by Jesus as the long-awaited Jewish messiah.  Whatever truth there is in that, there is one thing Jesus did that was not prophesied: the resurrection.  There is no hint in the Old Testament that the coming Messiah would die and rise again.  The very thought of theContinue reading “Hope Beyond the Grave (Psalm 30, Weekly Word)”

Another Hole in Our Gospel? (Or, does it matter to your “gospel” that Jesus rose from the dead?)

One of my favorite books in recent years is The Hole in Our Gospel by the president of World Vision, Rich Stearns.  The hole in the gospel is the failure to care for the poor and needy. I think we have another hole in our gospel.  I see this in conversations and in comments andContinue reading “Another Hole in Our Gospel? (Or, does it matter to your “gospel” that Jesus rose from the dead?)”

Summer in Thessalonica – Hope in Death

At seven feet and seven inches tall, weight 225 pounds, Manute Bol was the skinniest players in the NBA. He was never a great player, averaging only about three points per game, but he did manage to make a fortune playing basketball. Manute Bol went broke by giving most of his six million dollars toContinue reading “Summer in Thessalonica – Hope in Death”