#82 – Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey (My 100 Favorite Books)

The first thing I’ll say about this book is that it is not just for women.  It is a book for all Christians.  Second, it is not a defense of women working in full time ministry or women preaching or anything like that.  Instead, Bessey casts a vision for the church.  In her vision, men […]

My Top Ten Reads for 2013

My top ten (actually, there are like 20 books listed) reads of 2013, covering a variety of genres, and in no particular order!  Links are either to my review posted on this blog or to the Amazon listing for the book. 1. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster This is one of those books I […]

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey (Review)

Every day I look at my two-year-old daughter and imagine what kind of person she will become.  What career will she pursue?  What sort of friends will she have?  What books will she like?  My prayer is that whatever such specifics are that she will live a life in service and discipleship to Jesus Christ. […]