Story of Scripture 1 – Beginnings

To listen to this podcast, go to Ancient Pathwayss – The Story of Scripture 1 Genesis 1:1-5 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3 And God said,Continue reading “Story of Scripture 1 – Beginnings”

Musings on Evolution, Science and the Bible

This post first appeared in my biweekly newsletter which you can read and subscribe to here: Why Now? My Evolving Understanding Speaking with Wisdom and Knowledge Evolution and the Point of Scripture Questions 1. Why Now?A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by my friend Andrew Carpenter for his Obscure Pastor podcast.  One ofContinue reading “Musings on Evolution, Science and the Bible”

Where the Conflict Really Lies – Alvin Plantinga (Review)

You may have heard that there is a conflict between science and religion.  Promoting such a war has enabled many on both sides, fundamentalist creationists and fundamentalist atheists, to sell a lot of books.  Even for those not on the extreme, there is a feeling and a fear that somehow faith in God is atContinue reading “Where the Conflict Really Lies – Alvin Plantinga (Review)”

Science and the Case for God

This past November CSF hosted a Question and Answer night, which is always a lot of fun.  As the questions come up, I try to set the tone for the discussion, directing it towards certain things and away from others.  Inevitably questions about science, evolution, faith and God come up.  On this night, I prefacedContinue reading “Science and the Case for God”

The Mind and The Machine (Review)

Any book that combines a discussion of Raymond Kurzweil’s theory of the coming singularity with analysis of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien is probably going to be a good read.  Matthew Dickerson’s The Mind and The Machine: What it Means to Be Human and Why it Matters does not disappoint.  Dickerson’s basic question in theContinue reading “The Mind and The Machine (Review)”

Are Christians Anti-Science? (You Lost Me 8)

In You Lost Me, David Kinnaman states that “Millions of young Christians perceive Christianity to be in opposition to modern science.”  The rest of this chapter goes on to analyze the data that says many young adults walk away from faith, or become disillusioned with faith, because it appears to be opposed to modern science.Continue reading “Are Christians Anti-Science? (You Lost Me 8)”

Assumptions, Biases and Evidence…Oh My! (Recent Reads)

What assumptions and biases do you bring with you as you approach evidence? I got to thinking about that question as I read a few articles recently by Stanley Fish.  These articles were on the place of evidence and trust in our belief systems. First was “Citing Chapter and Verse: Which Scripture is the RightContinue reading “Assumptions, Biases and Evidence…Oh My! (Recent Reads)”

The Moral Landscape

I recently picked up “New Atheist” Sam Harris’ latest book, The Moral Landscape.  As I read itI wondered if Sam Harris would be good to have as a neighbor. He is a strong believer in objective morality. Many Christians believe that atheists are all terrible people with no morals. Sam Harris shows that this stereotypeContinue reading “The Moral Landscape”

Recent Reads

THON!  I danced in THON in 2002 and it was awesome.  Adam, a PSU alum, can tell you what THON is.  I wish I had written that!  My prayers are with all the dancers this weekend!  WE ARE… Newsweek had a recent article on the Bible and sex.  Get Religion demonstrates what a mess thisContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Recent Reads

I found Albert Mohler making a good point here: “News of the “house of horrors” in Pennsylvania brings prompt moral outrage, and understandably so. But is the abortion clinic on the corner, established for the purpose of killing unborn children, any less a house of horrors. The couple in Australia openly admitted aborting their twinContinue reading “Recent Reads”