There is always a bad egg

As a student at Penn State I always enjoyed reading the Daily Collegian.  I still enjoy reading it every now and again online.  During football season I read the football coverage each Monday.  Inevitably after a loss, people write in complaining about all the problems with the Penn State football program. I have noticed anotherContinue reading “There is always a bad egg”

On Campus at Penn State Berks

Penn State Berks is a mission field.  I truly appreciate the work of Benson Hines in helping many people to see that college campuses are much like tribes on foreign mission fields.  Each tribes has its own culture, history, language and so on.  Our purpose is for people to know Jesus Christ as Lord andContinue reading “On Campus at Penn State Berks”

Summer in Thessalonica Week 3 – Motives

I have always been skeptical of preachers on television. Whenever I talk to my grandmother she mentions the preachers she watches on television. I smile while on the inside wondering how sincere these preachers are. Of course, most preachers on television are (probably) sincere, Jesus-loving people. But others are charlatans who have found a wayContinue reading “Summer in Thessalonica Week 3 – Motives”