Did God Send the Coronavirus: Thoughts on God’s Sovereignty

I wrote this article in my April 24 Newsletter. Here is the first part: 1. Did God Send Covid-19?  We have been studying the book of Job for our Thursday night CSF meetings and we are going to be in Job for a while as there are so many things to pick out of thatContinue reading “Did God Send the Coronavirus: Thoughts on God’s Sovereignty”

Our Effort and God’s Empowering – The Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue

I have enjoyed and benefited from working through the classics of Christian literature over the past few years, reading such great authors as Augustine of Hippp, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, John Woolman, Brother Lawrence and others.  My next to work through is The Rule of St. Benedict. Benedict of Nursia lived fromContinue reading “Our Effort and God’s Empowering – The Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue”

Kings, Presidents and God (On Campus at PSU Berks)

Last night on campus we talked about God and government, politics and presidential elections. This semester at CSF our theme for Bible study is the story of scripture.  My hope is that the students will understand the grand, over-arching narrative of the Bible.  Back in early September we began with creation and fall.  Then weContinue reading “Kings, Presidents and God (On Campus at PSU Berks)”

A Little History is a Good Thing

In the year 1347 a merchant ship docked in the port of Genoa, in Italy. Three years later 1/3 of the population of Europe, 30 million people, were dead. This ship landing in Genoa brought the black plague to European shores and despite the best efforts to stop its spread, spread it did. These wereContinue reading “A Little History is a Good Thing”