Be Still (Psalm 46 – Weekly Word)

Last evening at CSF our theme was “Listening”.  We’ve been examining spiritual disciplines this semester and previously we had looked at speaking, service and prayer.  With all of this sort of outward focused, with the emphasis on our actions whether serving or speaking to others or talking to God in prayer, it seemed to makeContinue reading “Be Still (Psalm 46 – Weekly Word)”

Three Times a Day I Cry Out (Psalm 55, Weekly Word)

For our Friday Psalm, we are skipping ahead to Psalm 55.  Go ahead and read it. The first fifteen verses of this Psalm reveal a man in anguish and despair.  Apparently a close friend of David’s has betrayed him, which hurts more than any attacks from his enemies.  Following this he writes: 16 As forContinue reading “Three Times a Day I Cry Out (Psalm 55, Weekly Word)”

#59 – The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle (100 Favorite Books)

I will admit I am a pretty cruddy prayer.  I have long desired to take time each day to pray and have often struggled.  Reading books? No problem.  Sitting in some sort of silence and reflection?  My mind wanders. This is why I am grateful I discovered the ancient practice of Fixed-Hour Prayer, and alongContinue reading “#59 – The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle (100 Favorite Books)”

Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul

Most days my mornings beginning roughly the same: I get up, make the kids their breakfast and then sit down to drink my coffee while reading the news.  My interaction with the news is not through a physical paper but is filtered through the News and Twitter apps on my phone.  Because of this, myContinue reading “Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul”

Stop Talking and Be Silent – The Rule of St. Benedict (With an Assist from Lisa Simpson)

I talk to much.  This often leads me to putting my foot in my mouth, saying things I ought not say, or at the very least just rambling on into nonsense. In the words of St. Benedict: Therefore, because of the importance of silence, let permission to speak be seldom given to perfect disciples evenContinue reading “Stop Talking and Be Silent – The Rule of St. Benedict (With an Assist from Lisa Simpson)”

Spiritual Disciplines – Introduction

I love reading history and more specifically, church history.  Currently I am working my way through Diarmaid MacCullough’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.  Its a great book.  As I read it, I enjoyed rediscovering one of the more intriguing persons from the history of the church – Simon Stylites.  He lived in the 400sContinue reading “Spiritual Disciplines – Introduction”

The Journal of John Woolman – A Not-Review

John Woolman was a Quaker who lived just prior to the American Revolution.  But he is not known for anything to do with that, for he was fighting a much bigger fight, speaking our against slavery while the vast majority of people in the colonies still accepted it.  Woolman did not just speak out aboutContinue reading “The Journal of John Woolman – A Not-Review”