Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson – Dueling Theologians

On Sunday night after leading his Green Bay Packers to victory over the Seattle Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers gave credit to God.  Rodgers said to reporters afterwards: “I think God was a Packers fan tonight, so he was taking care of us.” There is background here that makes this much more amusing.  Last year the twoContinue reading “Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson – Dueling Theologians”

I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession

The Super Bowl is coming up in one week.  One of my earliest sports memories is Joe Montana throwing the winning touchdown to John Taylor to lead the 49ers to victory over the Bengals.  I fondly remember many other Super Bowls.  Last year I enjoyed watching the Packers defeat the Steelers, as anytime the Steelers lose itContinue reading “I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession”

Recent Reads

THON!  I danced in THON in 2002 and it was awesome.  Adam, a PSU alum, can tell you what THON is.  I wish I had written that!  My prayers are with all the dancers this weekend!  WE ARE… Newsweek had a recent article on the Bible and sex.  Get Religion demonstrates what a mess thisContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Recent Reads – Articles

Here are some thoughtful, fun and random things I have come across over the last week. What the Internet Killed – a list of some things that the growth of the Internet has made obsolete.  My favorite is the video store.  I love Netflix and despise Blockbuster.  I disagree that the internet has killed phoneContinue reading “Recent Reads – Articles”