Culture of Pornography, Sexting and Trafficking (Recent Reads)

There are many times when being a parent terrifies me.  One example is when I think about the sort of world my daughter is going to grow up in.  Articles like this one make me sick, scared and angry: Children and the Culture of Pornography: “Boys will ask you everyday until you say yes.”  Continue reading “Culture of Pornography, Sexting and Trafficking (Recent Reads)”

I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession

The Super Bowl is coming up in one week.  One of my earliest sports memories is Joe Montana throwing the winning touchdown to John Taylor to lead the 49ers to victory over the Bengals.  I fondly remember many other Super Bowls.  Last year I enjoyed watching the Packers defeat the Steelers, as anytime the Steelers lose itContinue reading “I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession”