The Story of Scripture 1 – Welcome and Introduction

Don’t like to read? You can listen to this post as a podcast by going here: Ancient Pathways with Dave Hershey. You can also find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Two years ago I began training as a Life Coach and one of the assignments in the first class I took wasContinue reading “The Story of Scripture 1 – Welcome and Introduction”

Spiritual Disciplines – Prayer and Fasting

Last Thursday at CSF we continued our look at Spiritual Disciplines, using Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline as our guide (and the Bible, of course).  We talked about two of the more well-known, thought not necessarily well-practiced, practices: prayer and fasting. Just to share a couple key points:  1. We must be taught how toContinue reading “Spiritual Disciplines – Prayer and Fasting”

Spiritual Disciplines – Introduction

I love reading history and more specifically, church history.  Currently I am working my way through Diarmaid MacCullough’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.  Its a great book.  As I read it, I enjoyed rediscovering one of the more intriguing persons from the history of the church – Simon Stylites.  He lived in the 400sContinue reading “Spiritual Disciplines – Introduction”

What is My Purpose – CSF Weekly Word

What is my purpose in life? What does God want me to do? Over the summer I asked students, via Facebook, to suggest some topics for study this fall.  One student asked those questions, and they seemed like the perfect lead-in to the entire semester.  So last night at CSF we tackled those questions. MyContinue reading “What is My Purpose – CSF Weekly Word”

Reflections on a Crazy, Wonderful Weekend

I still remember my first ever fall retreat with Christian Student Fellowship as a student.  It was way back in the fall of 2000.  We went to Sylvan Hills Christian Camp, about 20 minutes from State College, PA.  The guest speaker talked a lot about Jesus’ disciple Peter.  That’s about all I remember, other thenContinue reading “Reflections on a Crazy, Wonderful Weekend”

Weekly Word – Opposition, Grief and Silence

(Every week, give or take, I send out a brief email to the students with some thoughts from Scripture and I offer it here also in case it may encourage anyone else who comes across it) The first time Jesus tells his disciples that he is going to die on the cross, they opposed him.Continue reading “Weekly Word – Opposition, Grief and Silence”

Recent Reads

Here are a few recent online articles that I found thought-provoking, interesting and fun:   Today in the New York Times Ross Douthat talks about how the “culture war” is changing. Interestingly, as it pertains to campus ministry, this change has partly come about as evangelical Christians have become better educated over the last decadesContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Summer in Thessalonica Week 3 – Motives

I have always been skeptical of preachers on television. Whenever I talk to my grandmother she mentions the preachers she watches on television. I smile while on the inside wondering how sincere these preachers are. Of course, most preachers on television are (probably) sincere, Jesus-loving people. But others are charlatans who have found a wayContinue reading “Summer in Thessalonica Week 3 – Motives”