Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul

Most days my mornings beginning roughly the same: I get up, make the kids their breakfast and then sit down to drink my coffee while reading the news.  My interaction with the news is not through a physical paper but is filtered through the News and Twitter apps on my phone.  Because of this, myContinue reading “Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul”

The Beauty of Silence

“I really loved how we didn’t have cell phone coverage this weekend.” “I wish there were more places back home where cell phones didn’t work.” These were just two comments I heard from students as we headed home from our annual fall retreat this past weekend.  The retreat takes place at Sylvan Hills Christian CampContinue reading “The Beauty of Silence”

Young Adults Who Wander from Faith (You Lost Me 3)

I want a pair of Google glasses. A pair of glasses that are basically a computer in your field of vision.  How cool would they be? I actually got into an argument with some of my students a few months back.  They seemed more skeptical then me about the possibility or usefulness of something likeContinue reading “Young Adults Who Wander from Faith (You Lost Me 3)”

Nicer People, Tech Wars, Who’s a Christian and More (Recent Reads)

Are we getting nicer? – “Despite the gloomy mood, the historical backdrop is stunning progress in human decency over recent centuries.  War is declining, and humanity is becoming less violent, less racist and less sexist — and this moral progress has accelerated in recent decades. To put it bluntly, we humans seem to be getting nicer.  That’sContinue reading “Nicer People, Tech Wars, Who’s a Christian and More (Recent Reads)”

Recent Reads

Facebook killed the church? People in previous generations may have complained about the church, but they still went if nothing else to stay connected to people.  Now? “Millennials are in a different social situation. They don’t need physical locations for social affiliation. They can make dinner plans via text, cell phone call or Facebook. InContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Recent Reads – Articles

Here are some thoughtful, fun and random things I have come across over the last week. What the Internet Killed – a list of some things that the growth of the Internet has made obsolete.  My favorite is the video store.  I love Netflix and despise Blockbuster.  I disagree that the internet has killed phoneContinue reading “Recent Reads – Articles”