Young Adults Who Wander From Faith (You Lost Me 4)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent a week with Penn State Berks students, many of whom could be classified as “nomads.”  David Kinnaman defines the nomads in his book You Lost Me: For these young adults, faith is nomadic, seasonal, or may appear to be an optional or peripheral part of life.Continue reading “Young Adults Who Wander From Faith (You Lost Me 4)”

College-Aged Millennials – You Lost Me!

The Public Research Institute recently released their study titled “A Generation in Transition: Religion, Values and Politics among College-Aged Millennials” It is filled with interesting findings for campus ministers, or anyone who is connected with, college students. *They are generally independent but lean towards the Democratic party. *There is a move towards no affiliation withContinue reading “College-Aged Millennials – You Lost Me!”

Almost Christian 7 – Going Viral for Jesus

Drew Dyck writes the following in his article “The Red Bull Gospel: Over the past year I’ve conducted dozens of interviews with 20-somethings who have walked away from their Christian faith. Among the most surprising findings was this: nearly all of these “leavers” reported having positive experiences in youth group. I recall my conversation withContinue reading “Almost Christian 7 – Going Viral for Jesus”

Recent Reads

My Kindle is getting a workout as Junia sleeps a lot, like many newborns.  I enjoy holding her in one arm, and reading the Kindle in my other.  There are loads of free books available on the Kindle, old books that are now public domain.  The Kindle is perfect to hold in one hand, whileContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Almost Christian 6 – Parents Matter Most

Two weeks ago my daughter, Junia Elizabeth, was born. Other parents know what the last two weeks have been like for Emily and I. In a word, CRAZY! By the way, I am typing this while holding Junia. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than holding your baby daughter in your arms! WhatContinue reading “Almost Christian 6 – Parents Matter Most”

Recent Reads

I really appreciated these articles from the Internet Monk blog on “Demythologizing ‘Radical’ Christianity”: part 1 and part 2.  The two  posts are actually comments on Skye Jethani’s posts “Redefining Radical” (part 1 and part 2). Two especially good quotes, first from the second post on Internet Monk, quoting Lutheran Gene Edward Leith on vocation:Continue reading “Recent Reads”

Almost Christian 4: Generative Faith

One of the central questions the NSYR gives input on is what factors in a teenager’s life put her on a path to being a committed religious adult? It would be tempting to read a book like Almost Christian looking for the “key” to making teenagers into lifelong people of faith. If that is whatContinue reading “Almost Christian 4: Generative Faith”

Almost Christian 2 – The Cult of Nice

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a guy who does campus ministry at the University of Delaware (Blue Hens for Christ). One thing we briefly talked about was how we do “membership” in our campus ministries. When does someone become a member of the Christian community on campus as opposed to just showingContinue reading “Almost Christian 2 – The Cult of Nice”

Recent Reads

My friend Zach has started a fun website, check it out and contribute to the discussion: Life in Tandem. Too often pastors make the news for scandal, so it is refreshing to read the story of Francis Chan.  Ironically, part of the reason he left the church was because he becoming a Christian celebrity, butContinue reading “Recent Reads”