Problem of Evil and Suffering, Sandor Clegane Style

Why does God allow good people to suffer? Why is God silent in the face of suffering? Why does God not step in and stop evil? Why do the wicked survive and the good perish? These are as questions as old as time (see the book of Job and Psalms).¬† The first episode of seasonContinue reading “Problem of Evil and Suffering, Sandor Clegane Style”

Assumptions, Biases and Evidence…Oh My! (Recent Reads)

What assumptions and biases do you bring with you as you approach evidence? I got to thinking about that question as I read a few articles recently by Stanley Fish. ¬†These articles were on the place of evidence and trust in our belief systems. First was “Citing Chapter and Verse: Which Scripture is the RightContinue reading “Assumptions, Biases and Evidence…Oh My! (Recent Reads)”